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Janine "JJ" Conway is a financial planner who empowers individuals to dump debt and build lasting wealth through financial and business education and coaching. She's served in the Air Force for over 21 years. She returned from a 6-month military trip to discover her house sold and most of her belongings thrown out. That week she signed divorce papers and not only became a single mom, but also had to figure out how to deal with over $845,000 in divorce debt. The personal growth and financial skills she used to overcome these life-gut-punches are the same skills she teaches today. They're simple. They work.

JJ is passionate about helping people change their lives through time-tested financial principles, personal growth, and leadership enhancement. As a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, JJ brings a personal touch to corporate training and especially enjoys coaching clients to achieve their dreams! JJ's classes, seminars, and books on life and finance will empower you to reach your goals, as will her money and investing classes. Be on the lookout for her 11th book, Study Guide for Think & Grow Rich, at Amazon and other bookstore near you!

No matter what brought you to this point, just remember: It's never too late to W.I.N with Money!


United States Air Force Academy

Bachelor of Arts in Physics - Concentration in Space May 1997

Space may be the "Final Frontier" but we still have significant landscape to develop on our nation's racial frontier. While choosing between majors in Chemistry (my best subject) or Physics (my favorite), I visited both departments. Why did I ultimately choose physics? Because the department advisor informed me that I could not declare physics as my major because, "Blacks can't do physics." Boy was he wrong! I was the #5 overall ranked physics graduate, #1 of the 3 students who obtained a concentration in space, and graduated as President of the Physics and Astronomy Club. From there I went on to successfully "do" physics for over 20 years as a career Air Force Officer.

Air Force Institute of Technology

Master Of Science In Nuclear Engineering March 1999

While my love for power generation originated with a family visit to Niagara Falls, my deep appreciation for the value of nuclear power and the safety of American-designed reactors was nurtured during my time at the Air Force Institute of Technology. This degree, offered by AFIT's Engineering Physics Department, propelled me into serving as the Air Force voting member of several high-level committees, where I had the opportunity to help author reports sent directly to the President.

George Mason University

Certificate of Financial Planning Sept 2015

Though Physics is my first love, I've always enjoyed helping people take charge of their lives and money. Those skills were essential to recovering financially, spiritually, and emotionally when I came home from a 6-month military trip to find my house sold, my stuff thrown away, and divorce papers that, when signed, left me with over $845,000 in debt to my name. Since 1998 I've been helping people dump debt, build wealth, and leave a legacy. After a series of sequestration budget cuts and furloughs, I decided to monetize this work and began the process of becoming a CFP ® Practitioner with this certificate program at George Mason.

Additional Certifications and Value

Didn't You Know? JJ is Awesome in Many Ways! Ongoing

I believe that we never stop growing. I continually seek to uplevel my character and professional development so that I may serve my clients with the highest quality courses, books, talks, and by being the best ME I can possibly be. In addition to the formal education listed above, I hold several certifications including Hammer Process Re-Engineering. I am a John Maxwell Team Executive Director and certified speaker, trainer, and coach. I am a Ramsey Preffered Coach, and am currently enrolled in Liberty University, pursuing my Doctorate of Strategic Leadership.

And with all that education, you'll still get my heart, hope, and encouragement in every call, course, and book!




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Client Testimonials

  • She pours so much into you because she wants YOU to succeed!

  • Great examples of how small purchases make a huge difference in your budgets-Love her consulting gift.

  • Awesome class! We learned so much - so much that I can go out RIGHT NOW and do some real estate investing!

  • Every word was helpful, insightful, encouraging!

  • Her explanation of building a business with a focus on just one thing until you've mastered it is encouraging and often neglected. She also nails me on the worst way that I ruin my success, perfectionism. We can waste so much time getting unnecessary things better that we don't get around to finishing what is most important.

  • JJ Conway has helped me completely change my financial mindset and situation. She goes above and beyond to help her clients really reach their financial goals. The information she shares and the quality of work she does is priceless. I am so glad to have someone like her in my corner helping me every step of the way. She helped build my confidence when it comes to money and my future. She not only helped me learn more about handling money but about the different things I can do personally. JJ helped me gain more clarity on my career as an entrepreneur and business woman. It is awesome to have someone like her to go to that won't sugar coat things but will tell you what is necessary to grow. She is truly a God send and is doing exactly what God has gifted and called her to do. Thank you so much JJ Conway!!!

  • JJ lit a fire under my behind to stop whining and do what I keep saying I'm gonna do!