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No matter your budget, we can empower you to secure your financial future!

Personal finance is 80% behavior and only 20% head knowledge.  It’s like losing weight: many of us KNOW what we need to do, we just don’t DO it.  The same way physical trainers hold us accountable for improving our health and fitness, your financial coach will hold you accountable for achieving your goals.  Contact us TODAY for your FREE no-obligation consult!

What we offer (all packages):

Specific Services:

Full-Analysis Financial Planning

We are fee-only financial planners who conduct a significant amount of non-profit financial education. This means we do not get paid to recommend products.  If we recommend an insurance or investment product, it's because our analysis shows it's in your best interest, NOT because we're getting a commission for doing so.  Includes complete analysis of your financial standing, including cash balance, savings, insurance portfolio, legal documents, estate planning, college, retirement, etc. Your customized 80 page report will show you how to achieve your financial goals including generational wealth transfer/legacy building.  We will work with you to create an action plan for success, connect you with ethical professionals to help you execute that plan, and monitor your success with the same rigor we put behind the initial report.  Includes one year of follow-ups, and then a discount on our Annual Tune Ups.


Financial Coaching / Financial Planning "Lite"

Financial coaching is perfect for the family struggling to get out of debt or the client who is facing a crisis like bankruptcy, foreclosure or harassing creditors. Financial coaching is also excellent for those who need help building wealth or starting a small business. Or someone who wants the basis of a financial plan, but feels they are not ready for a complete financial analysis. Many of our clients choose this option, and then engage us for more complex financial planning once they've freed up some income.

If you're struggling to make ends meet, or living from paycheck to paycheck, coaching is a necessity!!  The investment in your future is worth it, especially when you compare it to: 1) the costs of bankruptcy, which can be $500—2,000 in legal fees alone, or 2) the cost of credit counseling, which, at $30—$50 per month for four years, would cost around $2,000. Our fees are a bargain compared to these options, plus you'll have a plan to change your financial future!

Many couples also find that addressing their financial situation reduces the stress on their marriage.


Financial Education

While JJ is a professional national speaker, we offer no-cost financial education:  1st Saturday of Every Month is the Building Wealth Together meeting at 9amCST in the Pierre Bossier Mall.  Most meetings are broadcast either as a teleconference or Facebook Live. If you are near the Ark-La-Tex please join this chapter.  Otherwise, please join our original group here.  And everyone is welcome to join our facebook group.

Special Options: 

Home Study Accountability Group

Includes Financial Peace University Course (Home Study or Online Version). This option is excellent for the professional who really wants to learn about money but doesn’t have the time (or availability) to meet across town at the same time and place each week. With this 10-week package, you’ll work through the Financial Peace University Lessons on your own, and join in our weekly teleconference to discuss what you learned. You’ll also receive one personalized coaching session and email support throughout the course and will receive a substantial discount on the price of one of our multi-month coaching programs.  Openings in Fall and Spring.

Annual Tune-Up

Does your plan for this year align with your goals? Even the best of financial coaches benefits from peer review of their plans, and you will too! Our Annual Tune-Up compares your goals against past progress and future dreams. Previous clients receive a substantial discount on pricing.

Real Estate Investing 101 Webinar Series

Did you know that real estate is one of the best ways to build and maintain wealth? Real estate investing doesn’t just mean dealing with tenants and toilets! There are MANY ways to build wealth through real estate. Maybe you’ve tried to learn about real estate investing, but walked away because the techniques presented made you uncomfortable, or because the presenter continually tried to upsell you expensive products and services. THIS 6-week webinar series will provide an overview of the many ways to make money in real estate, focusing on financially secure strategies to ensure you’ll build WEALTH (not DEBT) while investing.  Offered once a year at our location (with virtual access available) and can be hosted at your organization, church, or school.

Other Empowerment Education

As CEO of Hand-Ups, not Hand-Outs, LLC, JJ has many courses and books available for sale.  Any of these can be presented to your organization as a talk, workshop, or full-day seminar. Click here to view the catalog

I Can't Afford Coaching, and I Didn't Get Into Your Community Program!  How Can You Help ME???

Most of our clients find that they save several hunderd dollars with JUST the first session.  If you feel overwhelmed with your finances, I'd like you to ask yourselves the following questions, preferably in a time of prayer and meditation where you can really be honest with yourself:  How much do you spend eating out?  How much do you spend on cable?  On "retail therapy?"  Do any of those things consistently add value to your life?  For less than it takes to feed your family at McDonalds each week we will help you develop a plan to empower YOU along the route to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  Give us ONE SESSION, and implement the solutions we recommend.  If you follow through, and don't save at least 3x your money back in 3 months, we'll refund your money.  Plain and simple.  Still not affordable for you at this time?  Keep reading...

Be on the lookout for special deals and announcements!

When we receive funding to provide no-cost financial coaching, those on our mailing list get the first chance to submit nominations.  Join our mailing list by clicking HERE.  Also, you can connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to be the FIRST to know about special discounts on classes and financial sesions.

JJ’s Last Resort, $0.00

We find that people are typically more successful with a financial coach than trying to make these changes alone. “I can’t afford it!” you might say, yet we are often able to help our clients save hundreds of dollars each month after just one session. If you really, REALLY, feel like you can’t afford coaching, then we recommend you get a copy of Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” or one of Larry Burkett’s budgeting or guide to money books from the library. Click HERE for our "Top 3 Recommended Books" to help you get out of debt.  Read it. Do it. Love it. Then, once you’ve freed up your resources, come engage us to help you take your wealth building to the next level! You might also enquire about one of our scholarship packages funded by previous coaching clients.

Pay it Forward, $Varies

You’ve escaped financial bondage. You built and maintained your wealth despite life’s punches. You are now living ABUNDANTLY! Please help us help others with a donation. Donations are now tax deductible via our partnership with Kingstowne Family Lilfe Center, CLGI, a ministry helping our community improve their health, wealth, and spiritual growth. 100% of donations go toward community outreach, as our administrative costs are adequately covered by partner businesses that "tithe" into JJConway.org.

 Let JJ's team educate, equip and empower YOU to achieve financial independence! Contact us TODAY for a free no-obligation, consultation!





Lay a Firm Foundation

Your wealth building journey starts with an honest assessment of your income and expenses. Then, together, we chart out a success plan based on your goals, dreams, and available resources.

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Build and Maintain Wealth

It's not just enough to build wealth! We must maintain it. And protect it against the unknown future. We will work with you to implement time-tested strategies for building and preserving your resources.

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Live Abundantly!

You are now FREE to live ABUNDANTLY!  You can enjoy life to the fullest and make the most amazing difference in the lives of those around you. Come trade in the rat-race for the passionate life you’ve dreamed of!

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This site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Each situation has many variables, so we recommend engaging the services of your own financial planner. To inquire about engaging our services, please click the "Contact" link at the top of our page.


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